The best about Nature


When we founded Las Quinas , around the year 2003, we proposed ourselves to elaborate environmentally and customer friendly food, who are our main allies.
We support that statement up until this day, in an unalterable and non-negotiable way. This connection with the Earth and the respect for biodiversity was and is the reason for being Las Quinas. That is why we decided to manufacture our products under the National Law 25.127; which is the reference of our production line, and also the mandatory revision of SENASA ( an organism which has internationally recognized prestige and level of requirements) ; which guarantees that every aspect of our work is held under the law, with regular audits made through the designated certification body. We are proud members of MAPO (MovimientoArgentino de ProductoresOrgánicos- Argentinian Movement of Organic Manufacturers), the only nonprofit organization which centralizes the whole Organic Sector. The field where the beehives (and 1 square kilometer around it) are placed is certified .Additionally , we leave the beehive enough honey in order for the bees to be able to get through the winter, and when we process our liquid honey, we do it under 40 degrees (C°). This is why our honey is classified as organic.
Our marmalades that contain sugar only have organic fruit and organic sugar as ingredients, and the sugar free marmalade only contains organic fruit and grape juice (that means it is made 100% out of fruit), without any food additives, preservatives or artificial flavorings.


Our company and therefore each one of our products are currently certified to be Gluten free. In Argentina it is also called Sin TACC ( Alimentos sin Trigo, Avena , Centeno y Cebada) which is translated as food products without Wheat, Oat, Rye and Barley.
The Gluten free product certification is given by the ANMAT ( Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y TecnologíaMédica) once it is demonstrated that there isn't any possibility of cross-contamination happening. To achieve this, our manufacturing plant counts with the process and measures that guarantee the security and safety of the food products, including ensuring the hygiene and training of our workers.
We are really proud to be part of the exclusive list of certified gluten free honey, taking into account there are not many in Argentina.